Standing for Canada

Csaba Vizi

Truth & Freedom

Csaba Vizi, Windsor Ontario, Canada

I drove to Ottawa to deliver hope, but I am returning home with Freedom.

Csaba Vizi

“I’m not leaving”, was Csaba’s first interview. The Canadian Convoy inspired countries around the world. Many Canadians traveled to Ottawa to join the truckers, including one man that drove from Nova Scotia, looking for Csaba, just to shake his hand.

Another man, whom Csaba calls an Angel, flew in from Western Canada with an envelope of cash. He entrusted Csaba with $10,000, telling him, “decide how it will be put to use”. Csaba distributed the gift among the thousands of supporters that surrounded the truckers in Ottawa.

This was also the interview that spurred media attention, interview requests and calls of appreciation from as far away as Japan and Malaysia.

Around the world, people had hope that the Canadian Convoy would restore freedom and fundamental human rights.

Truth and Freedom

The Ottawa convoy was a peaceful protest, but that wasn’t the message broadcast on television nor radio. Even if you never agreed with the convoy mission to end mandates, perhaps you’ve noticed that covid and covid vaccines have brought an avalanche of change, the world over. We are experiencing an escalation of censorship in Canada, human rights abuses, difficulty receiving fair trials and increased surveillance.

In Canada many parents are still unaware of the degree of indoctrination that is happening in our schools. Parents are being pushed out, and children being taught a subversive agenda in which they are being coached to keep secrets. Educators are claiming that parents absolve their rights once a child enters a school. Across North America, parents are beginning to push back. This curriculum is highly sexualized, filled with profanity, sexual content, the “n” word and countless other unthinkable content. Our provincial governments are even prohibiting the use of familial language, such as and including mother, mother’s day and father’s day.

Did you vote for this? Did you have a choice? Do you believe parents should have a voice in their child’s tax payer funded schools?

Josh Alexander, a 17 year old Canadian student has been arrested and handcuffed multiple times. He didn’t park in front of Parliament for weeks on end, but he did share his Christian belief that there are only two genders. He also spoke on behalf of female classmates, who were uncomfortable sharing the bathroom with a transgender female. For this, he was issued a suspension from his Catholic high school. How far will this go if we remain silent?

Canada, and many countries around the world were on route to implement the Covid Passport. Had the truckers not protested, how much farther into this plan would we be? They fought for the choice to vaccinate and the right to our God given Freedom. They also fought against the implementation of the vax pass. The plan was to prohibit travel anywhere in the world without it.

Pre covid, would Josh or Csaba have been handcuffed and deemed criminals?

Whether you chose to vaccinate or not, do you really believe that your rights begin when the rights of another ends?

Csaba’s Promise

Csaba was inspired to drive to Ottawa for personal reasons, including protecting the rights of his children.

After weeks of protesting many of his trucker colleagues quietly left the convoy. Determined to stand and serve, Csaba refused to walk away. He stayed because he was inspired by everyday Canadians, people just like you. Everyday they approached the trucks and poured out their hearts to the truckers. Their trucks became known as “confessional booths”. Canadians shared their pain and and pleaded with the truckers, “do not give up, keep fighting, fight for us.”

Csaba stayed and stood tall for his rights and the rights of all Canadians. It was a promise he made to the many strangers who shared their stories with him. It was a promise he kept.

Imagine, if the entire team of 338 MP’s and 124 MPP’s stood their ground and served their constituents with such dedication.

Csaba’s Full Interview from “Unacceptable”

Produced by Eagle Vision Video Productions

The Streets were filled with love, I often wondered if I had died and gone to Heaven.

Csaba Vizi






The Empty Streets

Covid restrictions are in full swing. Masks are required for entry to stores and many establishments. In Canada, the vax roll out began January 2021.

By late 2021 many restaurants and gyms implemented vax pass requirements to dine in or participate in sports. Healthcare workers were mandated in September of 2021. Students were denied participation in sports and extra curricular activities without the covid vaccination.

As a transport driver, Csaba drove through empty eerie city streets previously packed with bumper to bumper traffic and life. Driving across North America, he witnessed first hand the suffering lock-downs caused individuals and communities.

January 2022

The Mandates Continue to Spread

Csaba takes his last trip across the border as a truck driver on January 1, 2022. In Canada, mandates for transport drivers are announced starting January 15, 2022.

In her fifth year of nursing, Csaba’s daughter decides to put her education on pause.

January 28, 2022

The Destination: Ottawa

Thousands of Canadians descend on Ottawa to peacefully protest against covid mandates and government over-reach.

I am here today for my fellow Canadians, future generations and all people who are affected by the recent punitive mandates passed down by our Canadian government. A democratic government who is constantly and deliberately failing to uphold the law. I’ve been a truck driver for the past 20 years and crossed the border on a weekly basis delivering goods and services which enabled me to care for my family, make a living and ensure all essentials are available to the public.
On January 13, PM Justin Trudeau has stripped me of my job, stopped me from putting food on the table, and made me a prisoner, limiting my mobility and basic freedom which is promised to me and my fellow Canadians through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This infringement was forced upon all of us, not just truckers, but nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers and all folk who work in the Canadian work force.
Why did we go to Ottawa?
Because we decided enough is enough.
Canadians don’t need the government to tell them when they can keep their jobs, when they can come out of their houses, when they can celebrate holidays, or see their loved ones in the hospital.

Today, through unity and solidarity we are here to change this.
– Csaba Vizi

February, 19, 2022

The Punishment

On February 19, 2022 at 9:30 am, Csaba quietly exited his truck, dropped to his knees and placed his hands behind his head.

He was jumped and beaten by a group of officers in unmarked uniforms. This pivotal moment in Canadian history went viral around the world.

Along with other truck drivers, Csaba was arrested and taken to a warehouse far from Parliament. One by one, they entered the warehouse to be searched, questioned and booked.
Hours later, with his charges in hand, he was released into the bitter cold, it was -35 degree Celsius. He had no idea where he was nor were there any signs of life. Without a cellphone, he could only guess which direction he should walk in. After 1.5 hrs he crossed paths with the first stranger, and he eagerly offered his assistance.

February 21, 2022

The Injuries

On February 19, after walking through the bitter -35 degree cold, Csaba finally reached the warmth of his hotel room. That night, the first indication of his injuries manifested with blood in his urine. Three days later on February 21, 2022, Csaba visited the ER in Ottawa.

Csaba checked in, complaining of chronic breathing problems, blood in his urine and lower back pain. His assessment showed a broken bone in his wrist and nerve damage in his neck. He continued to have chest pain and breathing problems for several weeks thereafter.

February 26, 2022

Holding the Truck Hostage

Although Csaba was released on February 19, 2022, his truck was held for an additional 7 days. He paid a $1200 fine before regaining possession of his truck which was stripped of 5-600 litres of gas, a tool box and jumper cables.

March 10, 2022

The Second Visit to ER

After returning to Windsor, Csaba once again visited an ER room.
X-ray reports documented a fracture of the scaphoid bone along with a Lytic lesion. After consulting a surgeon Csaba decided to forgo surgery since the anticipated functionality was 50%.


Hardship and Financial Repercussions

Statement New Millennium

August, 2022

The Offer

Csaba was offered a plea deal: plead guilty and 30 days in jail.
He declined the deal, choosing instead to hold his position and affirm his rights, “I didn’t do anything wrong”.

September 2024, The Trial

The Charges (Csaba’s Trial has been moved from 2023 to 2024)

– Resisting arrest
– 2 counts of mischief
– Failing to obey a court order (no honking)

Csaba is scheduled to appear in an Ottawa court for a 5 day trial in September 2024.

His legal fees are expected to reach $50,000 in addition to the $10,000 retainer already paid.

Csaba’s Lawyer, Jim Karahalios

Jim and Belinda Karahalios

Two Windsor lawyers have already let Csaba down. Meet Jim Karahalios, Csaba’s new lawyer and leader of the New Blue Party of Ontario. Read more about Jim…

“Unacceptable”, produced by Eagle Vision Video Productions

Never Forget

During the covid crisis, countries around the world were busy drafting draconian laws during lock-downs and harsh penalties for those who chose not to take the shot. Here are a few…


Ontario, Canada

When the Ford PC government shut down Ontario’s economy on multiple occasions to “stop the spread” of COVID-19, thousands of life-saving surgeries and cancer screenings were postponed. Many Ontarians weren’t even permitted to say their last goodbyes to loved ones.

But when it came to elective abortion under the Ford government’s lockdowns, everything was “business as usual.”


Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Banned motorboats, jet skis, and other watercraft, while allowing the use of kayaks, canoes, and sailboats; prohibited residents from traveling to a second home or a vacation rental.

New York

New York

Villages in New York banned the use of leaf-blowers.

Canada and USA


Since 2021, record numbers of refugees have poured into Canada and the US. In 2021 Canada accepted 70,000 refugees. In both Canada and the US, they were not subjected to screening and swab tests nor were they mandated to receive the covid vaccination to enter the country.

Canada and USA

2021 and 2022

Long lines, endless rules and travel limitations. The Canadian government even told you that you couldn’t purchase balloons at the dollar store. Just because. Countless political representatives in both countries were caught mask-less, going on vacation, using ivermectin and dining out while you were on lock-down. Certain sectors were targeted and mandated, while others, including Pfizer employees, were free to choose. Never forget, congregating in Wal-mart, Costco and other big box retailers was permitted, but church was out of the question.